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Muffler and ExhaustUnder Exhaust Cutlass 442 Repair/Replace

The exhaust system on your car actually begins at the Engine, some may think it the muffler, but the muffler simply quiets things down by deflecting sound waves inside the metal box (layman's terms of course).

Burned fuel after the combustion process (gas and air mixed creates a vapor, the piston compresses the mix, spark ignites it into an explosion), you're only supposed to get one explosion (we will talk about “Pre Ignition”, multiple explosions, another time), this burnt mix must be removed, the removal is powered by the exhaust stroke (4th stroke).  

The piston pushed the spent mixture out of the cylinder, into a manifold that routes the fumes into the pipes, pipes route them into the mufflers, mufflers lower the sound levels before it exits the pipes, catalytic converter cleans it all up so you and I can breath clean air.

All this metal, heat and cold expansion and contraction, moisture caused by condensation, creates a difficult environment for steel, particularly steel that is almost never painted.  Rust is the result of this nasty combination.

Gaskets can create leeks over time, causing a high pitched, hissing or popping noise under the hood, sometimes mistaken for a noisy lifter (another story for later too).

Periodically inspecting these components will help maintain your exhaust.

The muffler is the easiest to determine if it worn, the car just plain gets louder, but what you may not know is;  it could be the gasket in front or behind the muffler.  The muffler itself could be fine, sometimes its in the piping.

We inspect, repair and replace as needed based on a visual inspection.

Exhaust and Mufflers.  Inspect, Replace and Repair