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Wheel balancingSaving Money with Auto Repair vs Auto Maintenance Philosophy

We all have a choice, maintenance (catching a problem before it breaks or repair (waiting to deal with it after it breaks).  We all make it when it comes to daily life decision when dealing with our auto repair responsibilities.

Proper maintenance say’s “It’s making a noise” or “The pitch of the noise has changed”, “Id better have it looked at”, before it gets worse.  Catching a problem before it gets worse will save you the most money in the long run when it comes to your auto repair prevention tasks.  

Typically when something mechanically breaks, it almost always causes related damage, related damage leads to additional expenses additional expenses we don't mind for obvious reasons but, we’re here to look out for you.  Case in point:  Vibrating or rumbling tire noises, typically are caused by a tire out of balance or a tire with a broken inner steel belt.  This bouncing or vibration causes the shocks to oscillate (go up and down), the amount of oscillation depends on how bad the vibration or bounce, low or high this over works the shock and can wear them out prematurely.  When your in for the wheel balancing, you’re faced with the “You need new shocks” dilemma and  shocks are typically installed in pairs and so on.  You see how repairs grow, maintenance catches auto repairs when they are still in maintenance stages.

When in doubt, bring it in, lets catch the problem early before it causes related damages.

The rule of thumb here is:  It’s always cheaper to maintain a car then to repair a car.

The most common automotive maintenance items are also the most important, items like:  Oil changes, Belts, Wheel alignment, wheel balancing and rotation (controlled tire wear saves money by extending the life of your tires), Air filter, Spark plugs, engine coolant/anti freeze, radiator flushes for older cars with higher miles and fluids.

With our Apex NC location we a centrally located to Cary and Holly Springs, you could say we’re on the border, stuck in the middle.  This Apex location makes it convenient to drop your car off.  Cary and Holly Springs residents like us on the corner of 1010 and Holly Springs Rd, just s tones throw from Cary.

Auto maintenance is critical if your budget is tight, auto repair options are here when you need them.

“The Difference Between a Good Mechanic and Great Mechanics is Diagnostics.”

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Auto Repair vs Auto Maintenance.